Meaning of pulas, púlas

pulas, púlas


v. 1. remove something from something that covers or encircles it, or remove the covering thing. Napulas ang kálù paghurus sa hángin, The hat was blown away in the wind. Ug ímung pulasun (ipulas) ang ímung kamut sa púsas, muhugut hinúun kini, If you try to slip your hands out of the handcuffs, they’ll just tighten; 1a. remove the tie from the coconut palm bud to stop the toddy flow and allow the bud to develop fruit. Pulasi ang sanggutan arun mamúnga, Untie the coconut bud so it will bear fruit; 2. allow something to run over the face to remove something Puwasa ang dágat sa ímung nawung, Let the sea water run over your face; 3. for something to wear off, disappear. Mipúlas ang adlaw sa búkid, The sun disappeared behind the mountains. Wà pa makapulas ang ispiritu sa bínu, The effect of the liquor hasn’t worn off yet; 4. papulaspúlas v. rub the hands over the face. Namulaspúlas ku pagpawálà sa katulúgun, I rubbed my hands over my face to get rid of my feeling of sleepiness.