Meaning of pugung



v. 1. hold or keep in place, restrain the movement of. Gitabangan pagpugung ang búang nga gustung mugawas, The people held the lunatic that wanted to escape back. Pugngi ang hagdanan kay musaka ku, Hold the ladder because I’m going up. 2. keep someone from doing something Dílì ku ikaw pugngan sa ímung buut buhátun, I won’t prevent you from doing what you want; 2a. control oneself. Nagpugung lang ku arun way mahitabù, I’m just keeping myself under control so nothing happens; 3. clip, tie the hair in place or clip clothes to the line; n. clip or safety pin. paN- v. clip, tie one’s own hair in place; n. something to tie the hair with or clothespins. pinugngan a. suppressed. Pinugngang katáwa, Suppressed laughter. mapugngánun a. tending to be strict, having a restrictive attitude; v. be restrictive.