Meaning of púgis, pug-is

púgis, pug-is


v. having too much powder on the skin. Nawung nagpúgis (gipugísan) sa pulbus, A face with face powder caked on it. (→) a. faded to the point of whiteness; v. become faded to the point of whiteness. Mupugis (mapugis) ang sinínà ug isígig ladlad, The dress will turn white if it’s always put in the sun. pugispugis a. streaks or spots of whitish or grayish substances which form on the skin or may come from external sources; v. for skin to get pugispugis on it. Magpugispugis ang pánit sa sabun ug dílì hugásan ug maáyu, The skin will get streaks of soap if you don’t rinse it off.