Meaning of pudir



n. 1. rights one has over another person to regulate or order him. Ang kumandanti may pudir sa pagdisiplína sa mga kadíti, The commander has the right to discipline the cadets. Agálun ku apan wà kuy pudir pagpugung sa íyang kwarta, I am her boss, but I have no right to hold her money back; 1a. place one has control or rights over. But-an ba ku nímu sa ákung pudir? You dare to order me around in my own house? Kay miláyas kas ákung pudir, dì ku manggilábut nímu, You left my house so I have nothing more to do with you. Karun kay midaug tas piliay, náa na tas pudir, Now that we won the election, we are in power. -úsu a. powerful, influential. Ang mga Duránu pudirúsu kaáyus pulitika, The Duranos are very powerful in politics. túdu -úsu n. all powerful, almighty. Ilikay kami sa kadaútan, Diyus nga túdu pudirúsu, God Almighty, deliver us from evil; v. be, become powerful.