Meaning of primíru



n. 1. first, firstly. Daghan kug balayran: primíru, ang iskuylahan, sunud, ang kasíra, I have lots of payments to make: first, the school, then, my board; 1a. — nga (verb) the first one that did, had (so-and-so) happen to it. Ang primírung makakità níya, The first one to see him. Ang primírung masakpan, The first one caught; 2. first day of a month. Prímiru sa Marsu, The first of March. — anyu first year of college or high school. — grádu first grade. — upisiyal chief mate on a boat; v. be, become first. Nagprimíru na ang Marsu ug wà pa si Makuy, Here it is the first of March, and Macoy still hasn’t come.