Meaning of pirst



n. 1. first place in a competition; 1a. one who is first place, first-placer. Akuy pirst sa ámung klási, I’m the best in my class; 2. the one before the second. Ang ímung ngán pirst sa lista, Your name is at the top of the list. — bis n. first base in baseball; v. 1. reach first base. Hingpirstbisan ta sa átung kuntra, Our opponents managed to reach the first base; 2. get to first base with a girl, get a favorable reaction. Gidatungan kug maáyu ang inahan piru wà giyud ku makapirst bis sa anak, I bribed the mother, but I still couldn’t get to first base with the daughter. — hap n. first half of a basketball game. -id n. first aid; v. give first aid. Pirst-íri dáyun ug dúnay makuyapang kadíti, If a cadet faints, give him first aid immediately. — klas n. first class. Pirst klas nga pasahíru, First-class passenger. Púru mga pirst klas ang ákung saput, My clothes are all of the best quality; v. go by way of first class, get first class things. — lídi n. first lady, wife of the top official; v. be the first lady. — prayis n. first prize; v. win the first prize. — plur n. ground floor. — ran n. first-run movie; v. be a first-run movie. — trip the first trip of the day of a passenger vehicle; v. go on the first trip.