Meaning of pigsang



v. 1. for flowers to be in full bloom. Mipigsang ang mga búlak sa hardin, The flowers in the garden bloomed; 1a. for something to manifest itself to a great extent. Nagpigsang ang íyang nawung sa kaúlaw, His face became flushed with shame; 2. for a sickness to be developing to a stage where a rash or skin inflammation will burst out. Mipigsang na ang íyang tipdas, His measles is in the incubation period; 3. for pus to come out of infections; cause to do so. Mupigsang nang hubag mu ug pislítun, The pus will come out of your boil if you press it; a. 1. flourishing, manifesting itself in great quantities or to a great extent; 2. full of pus.