Meaning of pigádu



a. 1. for an area to be too small for something Pigádu kaáyu ning baláya pára ninyu, This house is too small for you. Pigádu ra ning baláya sa dálan, This house is too close to the street; 2. hard up financially. Pigádu mi kay wà kuy trabáhu, We are hard up because I have no work; 3. for there not to be enough time. Pigádu na rung ipaúlì, There is not enough time to get home any more; 4. in billiards, for the cue ball to be touching another ball or be touching the edge of the billiard table; v. 1. get to be too small in space or area. Nagkapigádu ang ákung mga sinínà nga nanambuk na ku, My dresses are getting too tight as I gain weight; 2. get to be hard up financially; 3. give someone little time to do something Mipigádu siya ug paningil kay nanginahanglan giyud, He pressed his debtors for immediate payment because he needed the money.