Meaning of pig-ut



(from piut) a. 1. narrow, not affording enough space; 2. hard up financially. Pig-ut ang ámung kahimtang, We are in a tight financial situation now; 3. ugly; v. 1. become small, narrow in space. Napig-ut ang kwartu sa mga butang, The room was crowded with so many things inside it. Nagkapig-ut ang dálan ngadtu sa búkid, The trail into the mountain gets narrower and narrower; 2. get financially hard up. 3. become ugly; 4. subject someone under one’s care to tight restrictions. Dì ku mupig-ut ninyu basta magtárung mu, I won’t be too strict with you as long as you behave; 5. pressure someone into something Dílì siya mubáyad ug dílì pig-útun (pig-útan), She won’t pay if you don’t press her.