Meaning of paw-ang



n. 1. gap between things that are normally solid or close to each other. Daghang paw-ang ang pinugsan sa mais, The way they planted the corn the plants are too far apart; 2. distance in time. Dakù ang paw-ang sa idad sa magtiáyun, The couple are quite far apart in age; v. 1. have spaces in between. Ang bungbung mupaw-ang (mapaw-ang) ug dílì pakupsun ang káhuy, Cracks will develop in the wall if the wood is not aged beforehand. Nagpaw-ang ang pultahan maung nakasulud ang ilagà, The door was ajar and so a mouse managed to get in. 2. miss, skip. Nakapaw-ang siyag usa ka linya, He skipped a line.