Meaning of pating



n. general name for small sharks. — nga bungul 1. kind of shark; 2. deaf as a door post (lit. like a pating); a. unconcerned about what is right or wrong (from the notion that one acting this way is being deaf to what people say just as the pating is called bungul ‘deaf’). Pating giyud nang batáa. Dì giyud magtamud bísag unsáug pína, That child doesn’t care to be good. He won’t obey no matter how much you tell him; v. not give a damn about whether an action is right or not. pa- v. 1. be deaf to something Nagpapating lang siya sa ákung pagpakiluuy, He was deaf to my pleas; 2. do something regarded as wrong no matter what people think. Nagpapating ang bigáun bísag bulgǎr sa kadaghánan, The over sexed woman didn’t care what people said any more. She went right ahead even though everybody knew about it. patingpáting v. ignore, pretend not to hear. Ayúhag pamínaw kining ákung súgù. Ayaw kug patingpatíngi, Listen carefully to what I tell you to do. Don’t just ignore me.