Meaning of pastilan



short form: tilan 1. expression of great worry or grief. Pastilan ang ákung bátà naligsan sa trák, Heavens! My son got run over by a truck! 2. expression of feigned surprise or concern, with a disdainful tone: what are you worrying so much for? Pastilan, Tiryú, kasayun niánà ug mahadluk kang mubúhat! Goodness, Terio, that’s so easy and you’re scared to do it? 2a. expression of scorn or derision at someone trying to tell a lie. Tilan nímu uy, bísag klárung bakak patuhúun gihápun ta ánà! You sure are something! It’s such an obvious lie and you expect me to believe it! 3. expression of pain or annoyance. Tilan ning mga batáa, pagkasabaan! My these children, how noisy they are! Pastilang labára sa ákung úlu! Oh! How my head aches! 4. exclamation of how intense something is. Pastilang gwapáhang bayhána! What a beautiful woman!