Meaning of paliyar



v. 1. for an engine to malfunction. Sus, nagpaliyar na pud ning kagangkagang! Darn! This rattletrap is breaking down again! 2. for a plan to fail to come out successfully. Mipaliyar ang ámung sábut nga mangalígù kay nag-ulan, Our plans to go swimming didn’t materialize because it rained; 3. default in payment. Nakapaliyar kug usa ka instulmin sa pagdaut nákù, I failed to pay one installment when I got sick; 4. for one’s health to fail. Mipaliyar ang íyang láwas tungud sa síging bilar, She kept staying up nights and it ruined her health. palyádu, palyáwu a. 1. malfunctioning; 2. failing to come out; 3. defaulting in payments; 4. failing in health; v. break down.