Meaning of pakyaw



v. 1. hire for the whole job, buy the whole lot. Nagpakyaw mig usa ka trák pára sa ámung ikskursiyun, We chartered a bus for our excursion. Magpakyaw tag panday paghímug aparadur, Let’s hire a carpenter to make the cabinet, paying him for the job. Pakyáwun ku ang pagtúkud sa balay, I’ll have the house constructed, paying a lump sum for the whole job. Pakyáwun ku ang tanang ságing basta itúgut ug barátu, I’ll buy all your bananas if you let me have them cheap; 2. finish a game by making all the points consecutively without changing balls or hands. Ug aku nay makasirbi, pakyáwun giyud nákù, If I serve, I’ll do it to the end of the game (the other side won’t get the ball again). 3. skip doing something one regularly does. Way bugas, pakyáwun na lang nátù ang átung paniudtu, We don’t have any rice. Let’s just skip our dinner; n. something hired or paid for as a whole. Dílì ni inadlaw. Pakyaw ni, We are paid for doing the whole job, not on a daily basis. maN-r-, maN-ay n. whole lot buyer or worker of jobs under agreement.