Meaning of nubína



n. novena. — nga bug-us n. special novena for one person or soul. — sa kumun n. novena offered for all souls on All Souls’ Day or on the nine days before; v. hold a novena. Nakalingkawas tu siya sa purgaturyu kay nanubináhan, He has probably been saved from purgatory because a novena was held for him. — ug sugung, almanáki v. I’ll eat my hat, do the impossible (lit. read a novena from a bamboo tube, almanac). Magnubína kug sugung ug makapasar kas síbil sirbis, I will eat my hat if you pass the Civil Service exams. nubinahan n. book used in praying the novena. nubinaryu n. the nine-day period in which a novena is held; v. hold this feast.