Meaning of nawung



n. 1. face; 2. giving the impression of being. Nawung ka man ug búang, You seem to be crazy! 2a. kind of something Nagkalainláing nawung ang galáhan sa karnabal, There were various kinds of amusements at the carnival; 3. the right side of something Nawung sa panaptun, The obverse side of the cloth; 3a. — sa dágat, lángit the surface of the sea, the face of the sky. Nagbusing-ut ang nawung sa lángit, The skies are somber; 4. nerve, shamelessness. Dúna ka pa uruy nawung, nu, mangáyu human sa ímung nabúhat, You sure have a lot of nerve, don’t you, to ask for something from me after what you did; 4a. [gen.] the nerve of [gen.]. Nawung nímu à! Some nerve you’ve got! 5. other phrases: duhay — unfaithful in love (two faces). — ug kwarta, sápì greedy. Húgaw ang gubyirnu kay ang mga upisyális nawung ug kwarta, The government is corrupt because the officials are greedy. hílas nang — nímu derisive interjection showing disbelief. Nanugílun man kang gisugut kang Tirya. Hílas nang nawung mu! You told everyone that Terya accepted you. You don’t look like it! see also bagà, bug-at; v. 1. hit in the face. Ákung nawngun arun mablak-ay, I’ll hit him in the face so he’ll get a black eye; 2. tell bluntly. Ginawung (ginawngan) ku siyag sulti nga wà siyay batásan, I told him bluntly that he had no manners; 2a. come face to face with someone to settle something Magkasábut tingáli mu ug magnáwung mu, Maybe you’ll see eye to eye if you confront each other; 3. sew or iron with the obverse side up. -anay v. see nawung, v2a. -an a. good-looking. nawungnáwung v. obtain, be consisting of various kinds. Makanawungnáwung ka sa útan ug náay daghang utanun, You can have all different kinds of vegetables to eat if we have lots of vegetables. ka- v. be of various kinds. Magkanawungnáwung ang tambal nga gidápat sa masakitun, All sorts of medicines were given to the patient.