Meaning of mutya






n. 1. precious gem with magical properties. May mutyà nà siya búsà dílì dutlan, He has a charm and so he is invulnerable; 1a. — sa ságing tinduk n. in folk belief, a precious stone which falls from the blossom of a tinduk banana when it opens at midnight on a moonless night. Supernatural beings in the form of powerful monsters watch for this stone to fall. If a man obtains this stone, he is endowed with magical powers but he must wrest it from the supernatural beings who are also after it. 2. anything precious or valued highly. Ang bugtung níyang mutyà dinhi sa kalibútan mau ang íyang anak, Her only treasure here on earth is her child; 2a. daw may -ng gisapnay, nagsapnay ug — being extraordinarily careful in handling something (as if one were carrying a precious gem). Ampíngi ang ímung dungug sáma sa mutyang sinapnay, Guard your honor like a jewel; 2b. treasured, most valued. — sa mga mata apple of one’s eye; v. possess a precious gem having a charm. paka- v. consider, treat as a precious gem.