Meaning of mismu



1. with nouns or pronouns referring to a person: even (so-and-so). Sa klin-ap wik ang mismu nga mga tituládu manilhig, During Clean-up Week even white collar workers sweep. Aku mismu many milútù niíni, I cooked this myself. walay — not even this little bit. Way mismung usa ka dakù ang íyang gitábang nákù, He didn’t even give me a single penny in help; 2. with forms referring to a place: right in (such-and-such) a place. Sa Maníla mismu may mga Huk, There are Huks right in Manila. Didtu mismu siya mamatay, He died right in that place; 2a. karun, awra — right this very moment. Karun mismu nag-íhap na sila sa mga balúta, Right this very moment they are counting the ballots.