Meaning of milagru



n. 1. miracle. Milagru ray makaluwas sa masakitun, Only a miracle can save the sick man; 2. — ug it would be a miracle if (so-and-so) were to happen. Milagrug mutúgut si Pápa mu pagpatan-aw nímug sini, It will be a snowy day in May before your father will let you go to the show; v. 1. perform miracles; 2. do something which is completely unexpected. Nagmilagru uruyng tihik nga nanghátag, A miracle! The cheapskate is giving out money. -sa see milagrúsu (female). -su a. miraculous. Ang milagrúsung birhin sa Patíma, The miraculous Virgin of Fatima; v. be, become miraculous.