Meaning of mayur



n. 1. municipal or city mayor; 2. in a game, the one who has the first play or turn; 3. major chord or key. Du mayur, C major. — diidad a. of legal age; v. be of legal age. — dúma see — dúmu (female). — dúmu majordomo of an estate, hotel, ship, or other large institutions requiring a chief steward; v. be, become the majordomo. For other phrases with mayur as the first word, see the entry under the second word. v. be, become mayor. Si Talyuks ang átung mayurun sa syudad, Let’s make Talyux the mayor in the city. (←) v. play off against one another to see who goes first in the game. Átung mayúrun kun kinsay muúnag lábay sa búla, Let’s play it off to determine who will be the first to throw the ball.