Meaning of masiyar



v. 1. offer, quote a price in selling. Ug mumasiyar siya sa kálù ug písus, palita, If he offers the hat for a peso, buy it. 2. bet money on something Áning manúka mumasiyar ku ug mil písus, On this cock I will bet a thousand pesos. masyáda n. 1. the amount placed as bet. Gatus ang ákung masyáda apan sitinta ray gidáwat, I wanted to bet one hundred, but they only accepted seventy; 2. total amount of money bet by both sides; 3. fee paid in playing a set of bowling, tennis, pingpong, and the like; v. pay this fee. masyadur n. the person in cockfighting who calls out bets offered and matches them with other bets.