Meaning of manuk



n. 1. chicken. Pinirítung manuk, Fried chicken; 1a. layù ra sa tinái sa — 1a1. off the subject, not to the point. (Lit. far from the chicken’s intestines.) 1a2. wound of no consequence, harmless scratch; 2. gamecock; 2a. a protegé involved in any race or competition: politics, boxing, love, et al. Napildi ang íyang manuk, His candidate (protegé) was defeated; v. 1. have chicken for one’s meal; 2. make someone one’s protegé, candidate in a competition. Akuy mumanuk nímu ug dì ba sugut dáyun nang bayhána, If I put you up as a candidate that girl will surely accept you. Midaug siya kay gimanuk mang Sirhing, He got elected because he was a protege of Serging’s. -an, -an(←) n. 1. poultry business; 2. one who has lots of chickens; v. have a poultry business. -in- a. sleeping half-awake because of insomnia or because of a need to remain conscious; v. sleep in such manner. Magminanuk kug katū́g paghuwat sa pirs trip, I’m just going to nap because I have to make it to the first trip. -un(←) a. slightly cross-eyed. Gwápa untang bayhána, ugáling manúkun lang, That girl is beautiful, but she is cross-eyed; n. see lukgaw. -un a. see -un(←), a; n. the cow-nosed ray, so called because it moves like a bird in the water: Rhinoptera javanica.