Meaning of *málu



— pa ug 1. on the chance that (such-and-such) a good thing happen. Palit tag swipstik, málu pag makaswirti, Let’s buy a sweepstake ticket. We might just win; 2. (so-and-so) isn’t bad, if that is what comes out. Málu pa nà ug swildúhan kag bayinting adlaw? Would it be bad if you were paid twenty pesos a day?



n. the one who is ‘it’ in the game of takyan or marbles; v. make a person remain ‘it’ for a long time. Malúun kug maáyu si Huwan pinaági sa pagpátid sa takyan ug layù, I’ll make Juan be ‘it’ for a long time by kicking the shuttlecock far away.