Meaning of máhay



n. feelings of hurt and regret at what someone did. Arun walay máhay apúran ta kamung tanan, So there will be no hurt feelings, I’ll give you each one; v. have feelings of hurt. Nagmáhay kung napalit ku tung sapatúsa, I’m sorry I bought those shoes. Ikay ákung gimaháyan sa nahitabù, I blame you for (lit. you are the reason I’m regretting) what happened. Gikamaháyan ta ka kay wà ka mudúaw nákù, You hurt me because you did not pay me a visit. walay — v. there was nobody that felt bad, said in two situations: when people who attack on someone are beaten up instead (i.e., they cannot blame anyone but themselves), and when people who set on someone are unsuccessful (i.e., no one felt bad because they were successful).