Meaning of lyamar



v. 1. summon, call someone to come or for something to be brought. Mulyamar ku ug lima ka saup arun patrabahúun sa pinsa, I will summon five tenants to work on the fence. Naglyamar na pagsúgud ang armi sa mga bayinti anyus, The army is beginning to draft the twenty-year olds. Ilyamar ku ug taksi, Call me a taxi; 2. speak to someone to ask for something Milyamar si Pidru nga manghulam siya ug kwarta nákù, Pedro called me to borrow money; 2a. signify one’s intention. Milyamar ug pangasáwa ang ákung anak, My son signified his intention of getting married; 3. for a disease or mania to show signs of recurring. Milyamar na sad ang ákung mata. Magkibídu na giyud ku niíni, My eyes are bothering me again. Now I really will have to wear eyeglasses; 3a. — ang tiyan feel hungry; 4. for a gear to engage. Dílì mulyamar ang primíra sa ákung mutur, My motorbike won’t go into first; 4a. for one’s ability or strategy to produce results. Walà mulyamar ang ákung lung syát, My long shots did not score; 5. for wind to change directions. Milyamar ang hángin paingus habagatan, The wind changed directions to the south; n. summons, order to start doing something lyamadur n. one who calls for bets at a cockfight.