Meaning of luyu



1. at the back of, behind. Tágù luyu sa batu, Hide behind the rock. Anáa luyu sa pangánud ang adlaw, The sun is behind the clouds; 1a. behind what is shown, as an action or attitude. Luyu sa íyang pahiyum anáa ang pagbudhì, Treachery lurks behind her smile; 1b. one’s back. Kalúta ning ákung luyu, Scratch my back; 2. on the other side of. Luyu sa panaptun, Reverse side of the cloth. Luyu nga dágat, Sea on the other side of the island. Luyu nga bulsa, Back pocket. Luyung dunggan, The other ear. Luyung kwartu, The adjacent room; 2a. — ug — both sides of. Putì ang luyug luyu sa playwud, The plywood is white on both sides; 3. despite. Luyu sa ákung pagsakripisyu way bili níla ang tanan, Despite the sacrifices I had made, they counted it all for nothing; v. assist someone in his work. Nars ang miluyu sa duktǔr pag-upira, A nurse assisted the doctor in the operation. Ikaw lay ákung iluyu (luyuhun) sa trabáhu, I’ll have you be my assistant in my work. pa- v. 1. stay, put at the back. Nagpaluyu ug lingkud ang mga mayukmuk, The small fry sat at the back. Ipaluyu nang ímung karga, Put your baggage at the back; 1a. lurk, be behind something as a cause. Adúnay kahulugang nagpaluyu sa íyang pahiyum, There is a hidden meaning lurking behind her smile; 2. support from behind the scenes. Ang kudita gipaluyuhan sa siay-i, The coup d’état was backed up by the CIA. luyulúyu n. assistant. luyhánun, taga- n. one living on the other side of the island.