Meaning of lutup



v. 1. for something to show through something translucent that touches it. Milutup ang íyang tútuy sa nipis níyang bláwus, Her breasts showed through her flimsy blouse; 2. for something to give off a reproduction on something that touches it. Milutup ang banig nga íyang gihigdáan dihà sa íyang bukubuku, The mat he lay on left an impression on his back; 2a. leave a crease in cloth upon folding or pressing. Naglutup ang pinil-an sa sinínà, There was a crease left on the dress where it was folded; n. 1. mark, imprint on the skin; 2. crease, fold on a cloth. pa- n. 1. reproduction of a picture made by rubbing it with a candle and then scratching a sheet of paper over it. 2. tracing; v. reproduce a picture by rubbing or tracing.