Meaning of lútu



v. 1. wear black clothes in mourning. Kinsa may inyung gilutúhan? Whom are you mourning? 2. make, sew into mourning clothes; 3. consider a member of the family or someone close to the family dead because of his rebellious or unforgiveable act. Gilutúhan si Sunya sa íyang mga ginikánan kay nakigminyù siya sa ílang draybir, Sonia’s parents simply considered her dead when she married their driver; n. mourning clothes.



v. 1. crack one’s knuckle(s); for the joints to crack. Mulutù (manglutù) ang íyang lutáhan inigtindug níya, His joints crack when he stands up. 2. stay idle doing nothing, twiddling the thumbs, cracking the knuckles, and the like. Naglutù lang. Walà makahunàhunà unsay maáyung kurìkuriun, He’s just twiddling his thumbs. He hasn’t thought of anything worthwhile to do. 2a. do things at a slow and lazy pace. Ug lutuun nátù ang átung líhuk magabin-an ta, If we walk lazily, we will be overtaken by night; n. sound produced by cracking the joints.



v. 1. cook. Humut ang nagkalutung inasal, The roast pig smelled delicious as it was cooking. Lutúun nátù ang kík, Let us cook the cake; 1a. make ice products. Gáhì na ang áyis, nalútù na diay, The ice has hardened; it is done; 2. make something tender. Súkà ray mulútù (mupalútù) sa kinílaw, Vinegar can get the raw fish tender. Alkuhul ang naglútù sa atay niánang palaínum, Alcohol is giving that drunkard a tender liver; 3. — dáan have the outcome pre-planned. Ang banggà gilútù dáan sa mga maghuhúkum, The judges prejudged the contest; 4. become darkened. Mulútù (malútù) ug samut ang ímung pánit ug magsígi kag painit, Your skin will become darker if you keep staying in the sun; n. 1. cooked rice or corn grits. Paghúkad ug lútù, Bring some cooked rice to the table; 2. manner of cooking. Kináham ku ang lútung binisayà, I love Visayan cooking. a 1. done, cooked. Ug lútù na ang kamúti átung kan-un, If the sweet potatoes are done, let’s eat them; 1a. for ice to be frozen; 2. dark in shade. Ang blú sa dágat mas lútù ikumparar sa lángit, The blue of the sea is darker than the blue of the sky; 3. — dáan prejudged. Lútù na man dáan ang ákung grádu, My grades are fixed; 4. — nga makaw a. dish prepared for short-order cooking. b. shabbily made. Lútung makaw ang pagkabúhat sa lamísa, The table was poorly made. c. prejudged. Lútung makaw ang kumbinsiyun, The convention was rigged. (→) a. 1. well-fermented fish; 2. see lútù, 1a; v. become fermented fish paste. Wà pa gánì makalutù ang ginamus nahurut na námug káun, The fish paste had not even gotten fermented before we ate it up. ni-, -in- n. food bought prepared. Pagpalit ug linútù ug kabsan tag sud-an, Buy some carry-out food if we run short. ni-an(→), -in-an(→) n. manner of cooking. ma-(→) n. boiled rice usually wrapped in banana leaves carried as one’s lunch; v. 1. bring a lunch of this sort; 2. prepare a lunch of this sort.