Meaning of luslus



v. 1. for something that wraps something and is attached to it to slip off, esp. the foreskin. Human na siya makaluslus sa unud gíkan sa mga bukug, She managed to slip the meat off the bones to which it had been attached. Naluslus na ang pánit sa íyang tintin, hustu nang tulíun, He can pull his foreskin back, so he’s ready to be circumcised; 2. use something in a way that will destroy it. Hala, luslúsa nang makinilya arun makailis ka, Go on and use that typewriter in such a way as to break it so you can buy me a new one; 3. swindle, make a fool of someone (coarse). Giluslus ming Pidru. Inay ibáyad sa bangku ang kwartang gihátag námù, íya hinúung giláyas, Pedro swindled us. Instead of paying the money we gave him to the bank, he skipped out of town; n. 1. penis (vulgar). — mu, níya 1a. expression of anger at someone Luslus mu! Wà man gánì ku swildúi íni unyà kasab-ankasab-an pa, Damn! You scold me but I’m working for you without pay! 1b. expression debunking someone Maáyu sa luslus mu, nga húmuk rang mabálì! Good, my eye! It breaks so easily!