Meaning of lúnus



v. 1. for fruits, vegetables, root crops to soften; cause them to do so. Mulúnus (malúnus) ang tawung nga dílì lutúun dáyun, Eggplants will soften and wither if you don’t cook them right away. Maglúnus kug ságing nga isugba, I’ll soften bananas for broiling; 2. get burned, heavily tanned from the sun. Ang kaínit sa adlaw mauy nakalúnus (nakapalúnus) sa pánit sa mag-uúma, The heat of the sun scorched the farmer’s back; 3. be starved, extremely hungry (as if withered). À, lunúsan man sad ta sa gútum ug pinaábut nímu, I’m famished waiting for you; n. starvation. (→) a. for fruits to be soft and withered. Ságing nga lunus, Softly cooked bananas.