Meaning of lumba



n. race



v. 1. race, have a race. Lumbáun nátù. Ang mangíkug muy mubangka, Let’s race it out. The one who is last will pay. Lumbáun nátù ang átung bakì, Let’s have our frogs race; 2. outrace. Hilumbaan ku níyag kalígù kay wà siya manabun, He beat me bathing because he didn’t soap himself; 3. outdo each other, as if to see who can do it the more. Naglumbà ug katúlug, They are sleeping as if they were trying to outdo each other. Naglumbà ug isturyag hambug, Outdo each other in telling tall stories; n. race. -anay v. race with each other. Naglumbaánay ang mga balud sa lapyahan, The waves are racing against each other to the shore. ka- n. one’s opponent in a race. -anan n. racetrack.