Meaning of lumat



n. 1. tubers left accidentally in the ground after the harvest which sprout again; 2. trait that is inherited in a family; 3. highly contagious skin eruptions or lesions on the soles of the feet which occur after an eruption of yaws (tabukaw). The lumat are roundish with small fleshy protuberances and continually emit watery pus; v. 1. for tubers left in the ground by accident to sprout. Mulumat ra gihápun ang mga unud sa úbing wà nátù makit-i, The yams we failed to find will sprout again; 2. for a certain trait to be inherited. Basta kalíwat ug búang mulumat giyud, If insanity runs in the family, it will sooner or later show in the children. Kinsa may gilumatan niíning íyang batásang ngil-ad? Who does she take after with her bad behavior? 3. for a bad character trait in a person to make its appearance. Mulumat giyud ang íyang pagkamaldítu kun makainum, His mischievous ways come out when he takes a drink; 4. get lumat. Gilumat (gilumatan) si Markus, Marcos has lumat.