Meaning of luma






v. 1. for a liquid to seep through something and stain it. Milumà ang dugù sa bindáhi, Blood seeped through the bandage and stained it. Gilum-an nag buling ang kwilyu, Dirt has stained the collar where sweat seeped into the cloth; 2. leave a mark. Milumà ang banig sa ímung nawung, The mat you were lying on has left marks on your face; n. 1. stain or dirt carried by liquid; 2. mark. pa- v. trace on something to reproduce a copy. Mupalumà ku sa ímung drúwing, I’ll trace your drawing.



v. be overshadowed by something else, put into the background (used by speakers influenced by Tagalog). Malúmà nang púlu nímug isul-ub ku tung ákung mahalun, Your sport shirt will be relegated to the background if I wear my expensive one.