Meaning of lúgit



v. 1. extract something buried or fastened hard to a surface with something pointed or sharp. Gilúgit ang bála gíkan sa íyang páa, The slug was extracted from his thigh; 2. extract coconut meat from the shell in making copra. Ang láhing ray lugítun, Extract copra only from mature nuts; 3. force oneself or someone to dig deep for money when he is financially hard up. Napugus ang pubri paglúgit sa íyang tinagúan, The poor man was forced to dig into his savings; 4. ask for something in a forceful way. Milúgit siyag hangyù sa íyang bánang mulakaw siya, She twisted her husband’s arm to let her go out. (→) n. something used to extract something buried or fastened hard to a surface, esp. an instrument to separate coconut meat from the shell. pa- v. act unwilling to make someone trouble himself or plead. Gustu túud siya, piru nagmagáhì kay magpalúgit giyud, She actually wanted to, but she put up resistance because she wanted him to implore her.