Meaning of lubut



n. 1. anus, rump. Lúpig pay lubut sa himungáan sa katabian níya, She’s more talkative than a hen’s behind (which keeps opening and closing). walay — having hips and buttocks far too forward. Ayg tak-in kay wà kay lubut, Don’t tuck in your shirt because you have flat buttocks; 2. vagina (euphemism). Ang bátà anhà mulusut sa lubut sa babáyi, A baby comes out through the mother’s bottom; 3. bottom part of a container or receptacle. Lubut sa baskit, Bottom of the basket; 3a. — sa básu costume jewelry (lit. made from the bottom of a glass). Daling mulubad ang singsing nga lubut sa básu, A dimestore ring soon fades; 4. rear end of vehicles. Ikarga sa lubut sa trák, Load it at the back part of the truck; 5. — mu 5a. expression of disbelief. Lubut nímu! Kinsay mutúu, My foot! Who’d believe that! 5b. expression of disgust. ‘Tagai kug dus ipamúwang.’—‘Dus sa ímung lubut. Hái kwartáhun?’ ‘Let me have two pesos to go to the cockfights.’—‘Two pesos. You must be nuts. We don’t have any money!’ 6. nakahikap sa — something must have happened to (subject) that he did something nice since he doesn’t usually do that. Nanghátag mag kwarta ang tihik. Nakahikap sa lubut, Suddenly the miser is giving out money. something must have happened to him. (Lit. He must have gotten his hand on someone’s rear end.) 7. mabaw ug — easily angered; v. 1. do something at someone’s rear end. Nanglubut siya ug suntuk, He hit him on the buttocks. Nagkalúbut mig higdà, We lay with our buttocks touching each other. Lubuta siya pagtindak, Kick her in the arse; 2. get to be at the rear or bottom. Nagkalubut na man ku sa ámung klási, I am gradually slipping to the bottom of my class. Inay kay nag-una kug sakay, nalubut na hinúun, I was the first to get on the bus, but I wound up in the rear end anyway. Ilubut lang ning ákung karga, Just place my baggage at the rear; 3. enter through the back way. Lubtun lang nátug súd ang báy arung dì ta makit-an, Let’s go in through the back door so that nobody will see us. — ug anay n. nutmeg shells (lit. sow’s anus) so called because of the similarity of the lips of this shell to the anal lips of a sow. lubutlubut v. have more work to do than one can handle. Nagkalubutlubut kug laba, I’m going crazy trying to do all this laundry. Dílì man ka mutuktuk, magkalubutlubut man lang tag panábun sa átung láwas, Why didn’t you knock? I went wild trying to cover myself. lubutlúbut v. follow someone around. Ayaw kug lubutlubúti, Don’t follow me around all the time.