Meaning of lubung



v. 1. bury. Naglubung silag bahandì sa sílung, They buried a treasure under the house. Gipamisáhan ang háyà únà ilubung, A mass was said for the dead man before he was buried; 1a. be beaten by an overwhelming victory in an election, contest, game. Gilubung ang Libiral sa Nasyunalista, The Nationalists defeated the Liberals by a landslide; 1b. bury fish in the sand to make them look fresh; 1c. embed a charm inside a part of the body. Gilubung níya ang mutyà sa íyang brásu arun mahímu siyang kublan, He embedded the magical pearl in his biceps to make himself invulnerable; 2. sink, drive something into the ground; for something to sink into the ground. Milubung ákung tiil pagtámak nákù sa lápuk, My foot sank when I stepped in the mud. Naglubung silag mga trúsu sa pundasiyun, They drove logs into the foundations. — sa kalímut v. forget something completely. Ilubung sa kalímut ang ímung makauúlawng kaági, Forget your shameful past; n. 1. grave; 2. interment. lubngánan n. place of interment. Bawnun ku sa lubngánan ang ákung pagmáhay, I will regret it to my dying day (lit. carry my regret to my grave). lubnganan, kalubngan n. cemetery. lubnganánun a. appropriate to the cemetery. Lubnganánung kahílum, A cemetery-like silence. -in- n. fish buried in the sand near the shore so that they would look fresh.