Meaning of lubun



v. sink into something soft. Nalubun ang trák sa lápuk ug dì na makadúwal, The truck is stuck in the mud and cannot move any further. Nagkalubun na ning ákung singsing kay nagkadakù man ning ákung tudlù, My ring is getting embedded more and more deeply in my finger because my finger is getting fatter. Ilubun (lubunun) pag-áyu ang batu sa aláhas arun dílì daling mulagput, The stones are set deeply so that they can’t fall out; a. for stones to be set deep. pa- n. meat or fish inserted into the boiled rice one carries s.w. as his lunch (malutù). pa-(←) n. in weaving, a rod stuck into a groove made in the cloth beam (likisan), the purpose of which is to hold the woven cloth wound around the cloth beam in place and maintain tension on the warp.