Meaning of lubug



v. 1. for a person to sit with the rump smack on the ground or for an animal to sit or lie with its limbs flat on the ground. Milubug sa sawug ang irù, The dog was stretched out on the floor; 1a. for the sun to be about to set. Milubug na ang adlaw sa kasadpan, The sun was about to set (lit. sitting on its rump in the west). 2. stay in a place for some time, but temporarily. Duha na ku ka simánang lubug dinhi kay way kasakyan, I have been stuck here for two weeks because there has been no transportation; 2a. — sa banig stay in bed due to illness. Mutúig na siyang galubug sa banig, He has been bedridden for almost a year. lubganan n. place where animals habitually lie down.



v. 1. for liquid to get or be made murky with sediment. Mulúbug (malúbug) ang subà ug mubahà, The river becomes muddy during floods. Ang nangaligúay mauy naglúbug sa subà, The bathers made the river all muddy; 2. for one’s sight to become, be made blurry. Bulug sa lúhà nga milúbug sa íyang mata, A torrent of tears that blurred her sight; 3. make a wild disturbance so as to disrupt an activity. Tagagawas ang naglúbug sa ámung parti, Some outsiders disrupted our party; a. murky, blurred. (→) see lúbug, a. -un(→) a. of a muddy, murky sort.