Meaning of lisud



a. 1. difficult. Lisud kaáyu ning liksiyúna, This lesson is very difficult; 2. in short supply, requiring effort. Lisud ang túbig sa ámù, Water is hard to come by at our place. Lisud ang dálan sa Tulídu, The road in Toledo is difficult; 3. for a situation to be hard to save or remedy. Lisud na ang kahimtang sa masakitun, The patient is in critical condition; v. 1. be, become difficult. Dílì nákù lisdun ang mga pangutána, I won’t make the questions difficult; 2. have, encounter difficulty in doing something Naglisud ku ug paandar sa makina, I am having difficulty starting the engine. Wà ka ba lisuri (lisdi) sa pag-ílis ug ligid? Did you have difficulty in changing the tire? 2a. put someone to great inconvenience. Ug ímu kung lisdun, muundang ku sa trabáhu, If you make things hard for me, I will quit this job; 3. be in bad shape financially or in health. Naglisud si Lúlu mu, Your grandfather is gravely ill. Naglisud mi run kay wà kuy trabáhu, We’re hard up because I have no work; n. thing that constitutes the hardship or difficulty. Ang lisud mau nga dílì siya muadmitir nga utángan siya nímu, The difficult thing is that he won’t admit that he is indebted to you. (←), ka-(←) v. have a hard time doing something Naglísud (nagkalísud) kug báyad, I’m having a hard time paying. ug magka-(←) if need be, if things get bad enough. Ug magkalísud mubáyad na lang ku arun maariglu ang kásu, If there is no other way, I’ll just pay up so as to get rid of the case. lisudlisud v. 1. do something the hard way. Lisudlisurun man nímu ug limbas. Gabsa! You are doing it the hard way with a file. Use a saw! 2. impose unnecessary work or difficulty on someone Naglisudlisud ka lang nákù pagpatubig sa tanum nga muulan man run, You are making me water the plants for nothing when it is going to rain. kalisudlisud v. be hard up financially. Nagkalisudlisud sila kay walay trabáhu ang amahan, They are hard up because the father has no work. ka- n. hardship. Ang kalisud nga ímung masagubang, The hardships you will encounter. kalisdánan n. hardships.