Meaning of lingkud



v. 1. sit down. Ayaw ug lingkúri nang syáha kay basà pa ang pintal, Don’t sit on that chair because the paint is still wet. Ayaw ug ilingkud nang ímung bag-ung inutaw nga karsúnis kay malum-it, Do not sit down in your newly pressed pants because they will get crumpled; 2. assume, hold office or position. Mulingkud siya pagkaprisidinti sa kumpaníya ugmà, He will assume office as president of the company tomorrow; 3. sit to give serious, full time and attention to a piece of work. Kinahanglang lingkúran ning trabahúa, This work must be given full time and attention; 4. for a coconut to grow to the stage that its trunk shows. Sa duha ka tuig dílì pa mulingkud ang lubi, At two years the coconut still does not show its trunk. pa- v. fall down into a sitting position. Nahisabiklan ku sa táwu ug napalingkud ku sa bangkù, The man bumped into me and I fell down in a sitting position on the bench. lingkuránan n. seat, chair, bench. lingkurun n. 1. for an occupation to be sedentary; 2. the bride’s family and guests at a wedding party (who sit and are served as opposed to the groom’s friends and relatives, the tindugun, who do the work). pina- n. made to sit down. pina- sa urinúla toilet trained. Ang bátà nga pinalingkud sa urinúla dílì mangíhì sa salug, The child that is toilet trained doesn’t urinate on the floor.