Meaning of língat



v. 1. for the eyes to rove, move the eyes. Milíngat lang ang íyang mata pagsúd níya sa palasyu, Her eyes popped out of her head when she went in the palace. Naglíngat siya sa simbahan, She looked around at the people in the church; 2. behave badly, wildly when one is in a place where formal behavior is expected. Mulíngat lang ning mga bátà kung túa sa láing báy, My children act wild when they are in other people’s houses. Naglíngat lang siya didtu sa baylihan kay hubug man, He acted wildly at the dance because he was drunk. (→) a. 1. careless, not paying attention to what one is about. Hibyaan níya ang bág kay lingat man, She left her bag because she was careless; 2. failing to behave modestly and composed in a place where one is expected to be on one’s good behavior; v. be, become careless. Nalingat siya kay giapura, She was careless because she was rushed.