Meaning of *línà



pa- n. 1. a process of purification in folk medicine whereby some evil or bad effect is removed by exposing the victim to magical smoke, obtained from certain plants and compounds; 2. the material burned in the process of palínà; v. administer this treatment. Gipalináan ug sagbut sa mintiryu ang gilubatan, She became ill after attending a funeral and was treated with smoke from plants taken from the cemetery.



coconut drink



v. 1. collect toddy before the normal time to gather it, most usually take the toddy in the evening instead of the following morning. Maglínà ku sa dawat kay gustu kung muinum ug tam-is nga tubà, I will take the toddy this evening because I want to drink sweet palm toddy. Lináa ang tubà arun tam-is, Gather the palm toddy early so that it will be sweet; 2. restore someone’s health by drinking fresh unfermented coconut toddy. Gilínà ang bátà kay luyahun, The child was given fresh toddy as a tonic because he was so weak; n. sweet palm toddy. (→) see línà, n.