Meaning of limugmug



v. 1. rinse the mouth out. Mulimugmug (manlimugmug) giyud ku human ug káun, I rinse my mouth after I eat; 1a. slosh water around in the mouth to warm it and spit it out on something to bathe it. Limugmúgi ang sunuy matag buntag, Bathe the cock every morning with water you slosh around in your mouth; 2. take a drink of liquor, usually in a large gulp (humorous slang). Mulimugmug (manlimugmug) siyag usa ka básung tubà, He will gulp down a glass of toddy; 3. be unconcerned about something someone says or something embarrassing that happens. Way kapuslánan ang kasábà, gilimugmug lang, No use scolding him. It runs off him like water off a duck’s back. (Lit. He just gargles with it.) -an(→) n. 1. the oral cavity; 1a. by extension, the throat; 2. the outside of this area: the cheeks, including the lower part of the jaw and the base of the ear; 3. the place in a monkey’s mouth where he stores food.