Meaning of limu



n. magical practices used to help a baby go through his various stages of development easily and successfully or to cure a grown person of a bad characteristic or to get rid of something undesirable that is s.w. These practices may consist of having the baby or the afflicted adult perform an action analogous to the actions one wishes to develop or stop or may consist of special foods or potions together with magic words. Ang limu sa bátang magngipun, ang lagus pahírag tái, The ritual for a child that is teething: feces are rubbed on his gums; v. treat with limu. Limuha ug sagu ang palaínum nímung bána, Mix a dead man’s saliva into your husband’s drink to stop his vice.



v. hide, keep something a secret. Naglimù ba ku nímu sa ákung makítà? Do I hide my earnings from you? Sa prubinsiya dì ka makalimù bisan gamayng sikrítu, In the country you cannot keep the tiniest secret. Ayaw ilimù sa ímung ginikánan ang ímung prublíma, Do not keep your problems from your parents.