Meaning of limpiyu



a. 1. clean, devoid of dirt, sanitary. Limpiyu kaáyu ang salug run, The floor is very clean today. Limpiyu ang ristawran nga ámung gikan-an, The restaurant we ate in is sanitary; 1a. clean, without VD. 2. clear, unsullied. Limpiyu ku ug kunsinsiya kay wà kuy salà, I have a clear conscience because I am not guilty; n. 1. action of cleaning. Kahúgaw, way limpiyu, How dirty it is! No one cleaned it! 2. clean clothes. Wà kuy limpiyu isimba, I have no clean clothes to wear to church; 3. amount gained clear; v. 1. clean, rid something of dirt, become clean. Hugáwan siyang mulimpiyu sa kasilyas, He thinks cleaning the toilet is dirty. Malimpiyu ra nang kasilyas ug nía ku, The only time that toilet is clean is when I’m around to watch you. Limpiyúhun nátù ang átung trabáhu arun dílì ta maúlaw, Let us do a clean job of our work so we won’t be put to embarrassment. Limpiyúhi ang kusína, Clean the kitchen; 2. make a net gain or income. Nakalimpiyu kug kinsi sa ákung pamaráda karun, I netted fifteen pesos in my driving today. ig-l- n. thing used in cleaning. mag-l- n. one who cleans.