Meaning of líbud



v. 1. go around a place. Libúra úsà ang abúhan únà ka mulíbud sa kalibútan, Don’t tell me you’re going around the world. You haven’t even gone in back of your stove! 2. go, bring around to several places. Ang bangkadur mauy mulíbud sa baráha, The dealer will distribute the cards. Libúrun ku ang mga saup arun patambúngun sa míting, I will go around to all the tenants to have them attend the meeting. Mani ang ákung ilíbud ugmà, I’ll go around selling peanuts tomorrow; 3. get to be round about; a. round about. Líbud na kaáyu ug muhapit pa mi sa inyu, It will be a very long way out of the way if we go by your place first; n. 1. church procession; 2. round in games. (→) see líbud, a. (→)suruy n. tramp, one who wanders from place to place with no particular course or destination; v. become a roamer. Maglibud suruy na lang ku ug wà na kuy trabáhu, I’ll just become a tramp when I have no more work. libudlíbud v. roam around aimlessly.