Meaning of líbà



a. 1. ignorant, lacking knowledge of certain ways; 1a. disrupting by adding confusion to something that is otherwise smooth and orderly. Ay nà siyag paintraha sa dráma kay líbà, Don’t assign him a role in the play because he is a great bungler; 2. acting in a socially unacceptable way so as to cause resentment. Líbà kaáyu nang maistráha, duha ray gipapasar, That teacher really has a lot of nerve. She failed the whole class except two; v. 1. be, become ignorant, lacking in knowledge of certain ways. Malíbà ka sa bag-ung dapit, If you go to a new place, you will be ignorant of how things are there; 2. fool, pull a trick on someone Nakalíbà silag duha ka sapíang Insik, They swindled two rich Chinese. Malíbà kahà nà siya sa baráha? Can anyone pull one over on him in cards?