Meaning of liat



v. 1. skip over, by-pass. Dì mu makaliat sa ámù kay mag-atang mi sa bintánà, You could not miss our house because we will be watching for you at the window. Way giliatan ang íyang láwas sa labud, His body is covered with welts. Way giliatan sa kaláyu, The fire got everything; 2. go, pass by in time or space. Muliat sa duha ka lungsud ang trín, The train will pass through the two towns. Mubáyad ku nímu sa dì pa makaliat ang usa ka simána, I will pay you before a week goes by. 3. take time out to go s.w. for a short while. Muliat giyud nà siyag tábì bísag daghang búhat, She takes time out for some quick gossip, even if she’s very busy. Liata ang kan-un ug lútù na ba, Take a quick peep at the rice to see if it is cooked yet. Iliat ni Nánay ning matam-is, Run to Grandma’s and give her these sweets.