Meaning of láyaw



v. for animals to roam about. Muláyaw ang mga háyup nga buhían, Domestic animals stray if you don’t tether them. (→) n. 1. animal that has been allowed to stray. Kinahanglang lamíngun ang manuk layaw kay langsag unud, You have to keep stray chickens and feed them special food before you kill them; otherwise they have a terrible flavor; 1a. going out when one should not be doing so, person that has been allowed to stray. Madisgrasya giyud ang babáying layaw, A woman that gallivants about is likely to get into trouble; 1b. off the mark, far from correct. Layaw kaáyu ang ímung pangagpas, Your conjecture is way off the mark; 2. for a mixture to be too weak in consistency. Layaw nga pintal, Paint that’s too thin; 3. in phrases: — ug dugù cowardly, lacking guts. — ug hunàhúnà given to sudden whims or fancies. Way pundu ang táwung layaw ug hunàhúnà, A person who is given to sudden whims or fancies is unstable. — ug útuk a dull person. Ang táwung layaw ug útuk gáhing makasabut, A dull person does not understand easily; v. become a wanderer, one who gallivants around. -an n. open land where animals are allowed to roam and graze. pina- a. spoiled, left alone by parents to do as he pleases. Way trabáhung makat-unan ang bátang pinalayaw, A spoiled child that has been left to do as he pleases will not learn a trade.