Meaning of lawus



a. 1. withered. Ngánung lawus ang utanung ímung gipalit? Why did you buy withered vegetables? 2. withered or wizened from age or sickness. Lawus na si Glurya Rumíru, gúwang na man gud, Gloria Romero is faded now. She is quite old; 3. past one’s prime. Lawus nang pagkabuksingíru si Ilurdi, Elorde is over his peak as a boxer; 4. for feelings to have faded. Lawus na ang ímung pagbátì nákù, Your love for me has faded. (←) v. 1. get withered. Ang búlak muláwus (maláwus) ug initan, Flowers wither if you expose them to heat. Nagkalawus na ang tanum kay wà katubigi, The plants are getting withered because they were not watered; 2. get old and shriveled. Naglawus ka man. May balatían ka? You look shrunken. Are you ill? 3. get beyond one’s prime; 4. for feelings to fade. Kanang prisyúha makaláwus (makapaláwus) giyud sa gána, That price sure throws cold water on my desire. Nagkalawus ang ákung pagláum nga maulì pa siya, My hope for his return is wavering.